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The Liberal Atheist Comic

"A breath of fresh air in today's climate of recreational outrage, divisiveness, and political correctness."

The Liberal Atheist Comic

Life takes a lot of weird detours in getting us where we're suppose to be. Let's do this thing!

In March of 2019, after a successful career in marketing and advertising, Carl decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and explore a career in standup comedy.

He took a class, wrote some material, and got off his “Kentucky Fried Chicken eatin’, two liter Pepsi drinkin’”, ass and started doing open mic’s around Dallas.

After a showcase at the Addison Improv, Carl put the 8-minute video of his performance on YouTube and a wonderful thing happened - people WATCHED!

Within a few weeks, views of the video surpassed many local Dallas comedians with lot more experience. Then, everything changed.

Carl was fired from a show because of objections to his “god and guns” material.

The next day, he was contacted by the host of a popular atheist webcast, Atheist Edge, and asked to be on the show as a guest.

When that show aired, the video views exploded.

Although Carl had always presented himself to those around him as a liberal and an atheist, the response from Atheist Edge made it clear to him that there was an audience that wanted to hear more.

It was at this point that, regardless of the potential negative reaction, Carl decided to go “all in” and the Liberal Atheist Comic was born.

Recorded Performance
Check out this stand-up performance at the Addison Improv. Click here.
Introducing Carl
Part One of his interview with Jim Hall, on the Atheist Edge. Watch here.
Where's the Line in Comedy?
Is there a line? What happens if you cross it? Learn More here.

Carl Merritt

Just in case you weren't certain what Carl looked liked. But don't feel bad, it changes all the time.


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